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King of Fighters: Exclusive Kyo Statue
Colourful range of collectible merchandise by Infinity. Choose from many different products based on movies, tv-series, games and more!
Street Fighter: Ultimate Exclusive Akuma 1:4 Scale Statue
The 10th Anniversary Akuma will be offered in four variations, Retail, ''Classic'' Exclusive, ''Deluxe'' Exclusive, and finally the ''Ultimate'' Akuma which comes packed with 7 interchangeable portraits spanning the characters nearly 25 year history in the Street Fighter canon, as...
Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Premium Figure
Launching the new line of highly detailed, premium Game of Thrones figures is none other than Jon Snow himself. We have seen Jon Snow ready for battle, but this new figure stands regally, perfect for a once and prior king....
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Luke Skywalker Premium Statue
œNo. No. That's not true. That's impossible!' You know it to be true- Next in our line of Star Wars collectibles, Sideshow is excited to present the Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure. After growing strong with the Force under the...
Star Wars: A New Hope - Princess Leia Premium Statue
I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but from now on you’ll do as I tell you, okay?' Sideshow is honored to present the Princess Leia Premium Format Figure. Princess Leia measures 18 inch tall, standing...
Back to the Future II: DeLorean Premium Motion Statue
''The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?''It may not hit 88mph, but our Limited Edition Premium Motion format statue really does move! The integrated, non-electronic...
Dracula Premium Format Statue Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) 55 cm
"... Count Dracula, the propagator of this unspeakable evil, has disappeared. He must be found and destroyed!"Sideshow presents the Van Helsing Premium Format™ Figure, inspired by the frightful and famous Dracula (1958) by Hammer Horror.The Van Helsing Premium Format measures...
Dracula Premium Format Statue Dracula (Christopher Lee) 56 cm
"You can have no idea what an evil man he is ... or of the terrible things he does!"Sideshow presents the Dracula Premium Format™ Figure, inspired by the frightful and famous Dracula (1958) by Hammer Horror.The Dracula Premium Format Figure...
Dungeons & Dragons Premium Statue Efreeti 30 cm
12" resin statue faitfully recreates the Efreeti featured on the cover of the 1st Edition Dungeon Master's Guide, but advances the scene to place the sword-wielding knight in the efreeti's clutches.
Dungeons & Dragons Premium Statue Githyanki 30 cm
12" resin statue that faithfully recreates the Githyanki featured on the cover of the 1st Edition D&D book, Fiend Folio.
Marvel: X-Men - Storm Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
"I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits."Sideshow presents the Storm Premium Format™ Figure, gracing the X-Men Collection with her regal presence.The Storm Premium Format Figure measures 23" tall, depicting Ororo Munroe in the center...
Marvel: Captain America Premium Statue
''You go! I’ll shield you.'' On his command! Sideshow is proud to present the Captain America Premium Format Figure. The Captain America Premium Format Figure measures 21 inch tall on top of a SHIELD Helicarrier platform with a discarded Ultron...
Marvel Premium Format Statue Taskmaster 55 cm
Sideshow presents the Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure, ready to defeat your universe of Marvel collectibles.The Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure measures 21.5" tall and 25" wide, poised on top of a training facility base as the skilled tactician Tony Masters brandishes...
Star Wars Premium Format Statue Darth Vader 63 cm
Sideshow presents the Darth Vader™ Premium Format™ Figure, an intimidating, Imperial addition to your galaxy of Star Wars™ collectibles.The Darth Vader Premium Format Figure measures 25" tall and 14" wide as the Sith Lord stands regally and ruthlessly atop a...
Transformers 2 Statues Optimus Prime & Optimus Prime Exclusive 73 cm Assortment (3)
Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMTFM-28: Optimus Prime statue from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Film! This assortment contains:- 2x Optimus Prime Regular Version (P1SMMTFM-28)- 1x Optimus Prime Exclusive VersionThe Exclusive Version also includes:- One (1) Damaged Grindor...
Fate/Stay Night Premium Statue The Path 15th Anniversary 106 cm
From the videogame 'Fate/Stay Night' comes this polystone figure. This fully painted figure measures 106 x 60 x 50 cm tall and comes in a box packaging.Limited Edition of 200 pcs worldwide.Please note: Due to the size of this item,...
DC Comics Statues Black Canary & Black Canary Exclusive Bonus 69 cm Assortment (3)
Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the MMDC-49EXS: Black Canary Exclusive Bonus Version from DC Comics!This assortment contains:- 2x Black Canary Regular Version (P1SMMDC-49)- 1x Black Canary Exclusive VersionThe Exclusive Bonus comes with one alternate Exclusive Masked Portrait and...
DC Comics Court of Owls Statues Talon Regular & Talon Exclusive Bonus Version 82 cm Assortment (3)
Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the timeless Museum Masterline Series. The highly skilled assassin MMDC-46: Talon from the Court of Owls.The great grandfather of Dick Grayson, William Cobb, AKA Talon is one of most...
Transformers 3 Statues Megatron & Megatron Exclusive 79 cm Assortment (3)
Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMTFM-29: Megatron statue from Transformers: Dark of the Moon Blockbuster! This assortment contains:- 2x Megatron Regular Version (P1SMMTFM-29)- 1x Megatron Exclusive VersionThe Exclusive Version also includes:- One (1) Igor approx. 5 inches tall-...
Star Wars: Rebels - Ahsoka Tano 1:4 Scale Statue
Sideshow presents the Ahsoka Tano™ Premium Format™ Figure, a limited-edition quarter-scale Star Wars™ collectible inspired by the fan-favorite character's journey as seen in Star Wars: Rebels.The Ahsoka Tano Premium Format Figure measures 19.5" tall and 14" wide as the Togruta...

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