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Street Fighter: Classic Qipao Exclusive Chun Li 1:3 Scale Statue
**Due to limited quantities, please contact your sales representative for inquiries on this product.** Chun Li has taken part in the World Warrior tournament since its introduction in Street Fighter II, and her claim to be the strongest woman in...
Court of the Dead: Oathbreaker Stryfe - Fallen Mortis Knight Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
''Sometimes, destruction is what builds the greatest future.'' - Oathbreaker StrSideshow presents the Oathbreaker StrMortis Knight Osseil was once determined to solve an impossible equation to save the Underworld, but the corrupting force of the dreadsgrip offered a deceptively simple...
Street Fighter: Classic Exclusive Akuma 1:4 Scale Statue
The 10th Anniversary Akuma will be offered in four variations, Retail, ''Classic'' Exclusive, ''Deluxe'' Exclusive, and finally the ''Ultimate'' Akuma which comes packed with 7 interchangeable portraits spanning the characters nearly 25 year history in the Street Fighter canon, as...
Court of the Dead: Shieve the Pathfinder Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
'I am the ghost on your battlefield… the flash of light before your untimely Death.'- Shieve, The Arbiter of BoneSideshow presents the Shieve: The Pathfinder Premium Format Figure. Shieve is a character from Sideshow's original dark fantasy horror property, the...
DC Comics: Catwoman Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
''Come and chase me, Batman.''Sideshow is proud to present the Catwoman Premium Format Figure, slinking her way into Sideshow's universe of DC Comics collectibles.The Catwoman Premium Format Figure measures 22 inch tall as Gotham's feline femme fatale sits perched atop...
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
''When one chooses to walk the Way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey.''Sideshow presents The Mandalorian Premium Format Figure, a limited-edition quarter scale figure based on the acclaimed live-action series. Since the premiere of The Mandalorian on...
Street Fighter: Ultimate Exclusive Guile 1:4 Scale Statue
To order the Exclusive Version please contact your sales reresentative. 'No need for talk. Let’s do this!' A fierce fighter and a loyal soldier, Guile will stop at nothing to take down Shadaloo, the mysterious organization responsible for the disappearance...
DC Comics: Black Canary Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
''The only way out of here is through me. I hope you're stupid enough to try.''Sideshow presents the Black Canary Premium Format Figure, a powerful addition to your DC Comics collectibles.The Black Canary Premium Format Figure measures 21.5 inch tall,...
Marvel: X-Men - Wolverine Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
''There ain't no redemption for me... but there is revenge. There is revenge.''Sideshow presents the Wolverine Premium Format Figure, leaping into the fray alongside the X-Men Collection.The Wolverine Premium Format Figure measures 20.5 inch tall as Logan launches himself into...
Court of the Dead: Ellianastis the Great Oracle Premium Statue
'What knowledge could your future hold, that the past could not reveal?'- Elllianastis, The Great OracleSideshow presents the Ellianastis: The Great Oracle Premium Format Figure. Ellianastis acts as the leader of the Spirit Faction, and as a mentor of Kier,...
Marvel: Symbiote Spider-Man Premium Statue
''Don't you see? I couldn't stand being a puppet. I'd rather die!'' Sideshow presents the Symbiote Spider-Man Premium Format Figure, swinging his way into your universe of Marvel collectibles.The Symbiote Spider-Man Premium Format Figure measures 24 inch tall as everyone's...
DC Comics: Batman Arkham Asylum - Exclusive Joker 1:8 Scale Statue
Silver Fox is delighted to announce the 2nd statue in the series 1:8 Scale Joker Arkham Asylum Statue.''Why So Serious''The Exclusive edition of The Joker comes with a swap-out portrait revealing another face of his nightmarish insanity. The Exclusive edition...
Devil May Cry 5: Exclusive Vergil Statue
'Useless pests, they must be ready to die!'Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the Vergil Statue from a very popular Japanese Video Game created by Capcom - Devil May Cry 5.Vergil is the first son of the demon Sparda...
Lord of the Rings: Exclusive The Dark Lord Sauron 1:4 Scale Statue
'You cannot hide. I see you. There is no life in the void. Only death.'Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the first piece from The Lord of the Rings Film, the 1:4 Scale Dark Lord Sauron.The Lord of the...
Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Cara Dune Premium 1:4 Scale Statue
''Until our paths cross.''Sideshow presents the Cara Dune Premium Format Figure, a limited-edition quarter scale figure based on the acclaimed live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+. A strong and fearless veteran of the Galactic Civil War, Cara...
DC Comics: Batman Arkham Knight - Exclusive Batman 1:8 Scale Statue
Silver Fox Collectibles Silver Fox is honoured & delighted to announce a new license with Warner Bros, for some of the world's best known Video Games Series, Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, This is our first statue in the series 1:8...
Predator Comics: Exclusive Sengoku Predator 35 inch Statue
An extraterrestrial species characterized by their hunting of Xenomorphs and Aliens for faith and honor using a combination of highly advanced technology are the Yautja, also widely known as Predators. Prime 1 Studio is excited to present a new piece...

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