Chronicle Collectibles – Amuzzi
Jurassic Park: Sick Triceratops - 1:35 Scale Diorama
"Ellie, this one was always my favorite when I was a kid. And now I've seen one, it's the most beautiful thing I ever saw.' Everyone remembers that magic moment. The first time Dr. Alan Grant, Ellie, and the kids...
Star Trek: The Next Generation - USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Replica
A starship is many things to many people. A home. A vessel. A pillar of strength. Comfort and protection in the midst of a hostile environment. All of these roles combine to create a community for a diversity of beings...
Jurassic Park: Rotunda Rex 1:9 Scale Statue
'When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth.''In the original Jurassic Park, our final glimpse of the magic of the cloned dinosaurs is of the escaped Tyrannosaurus-Rex just having fended off the ferocious Velociraptors for our heroes. She bellows out an earth-shattering roar...
Terminator: Dark Fate - T-800 1:4 Scale Statue
'I'm going to help you…protect the girl.'Fate: It's the unstoppable force that drives us to an end. From the moment the first terminator came back through time to kill her and her unborn child, fate has driven Sarah Connor into...
Jurassic Park: Parasaurolophus Statue
'The one...The one with the big red horn, the pompadour. Elvis!'When you think about all of the amazing dinosaurs shown in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films, can you name the four that have been shown in every movie?...
Ghostbusters: Winston Zeddemore Statue
Sideshow and Chronicle Collectibles proudly present the Winston Zeddemore statue, part of a new line of collectibles from The Real Ghostbusters animated series!High atop the Shandor Building, accompanied by the cheers and cries of the people of New York City,...
Conan: Conan the Barbarian 1:6 Scale Figure
The road is long and hard that leads Conan the Cimmerian from the slaughter of his people to the vengeance he seeks. His life has been a grueling, fiery crucible in which a fearsome warrior was forged, leading him, ultimately,...
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